Some Usage Scenarios

ack is structured by Scenarios means.

A scenario is equal to a information structuring necessity or business process.

Each scenario provides access restrictions. So all the scenarios are not accessible by all users.

Examples of some scenarios in use in Tecnalia:

  • Project related Documentation
  • Technology Watch
  • Patents
  • Scientific Papers
  • Presentations to customers by sector
  • Proposals / Offers
  • CV generator
  • Research history 

The information retrieval is also structured in scenarios and customised to necessities:
Generic Search (over selected scenarios)
Who knows what?. (experience in degrees, by project typology).
Personal Profile (normalized CVs generation, research history).
Specialised Search Engines: different information views (depending on necessities).
RSS (Management notice, new contents, etc.).

ack allows to link information stored in wikis, ERP, databases, blogs, email, web of data, ack own scenarios and even ideas to better manage a project.
Looking for a concrete human resource? Try with, who knows what?.
Looking for information to create a state of art about a topic, just try search.
Looking for some piece of software, plans, hardware, firmware already developed inside your company, just search.
Have you finished a document related with the project?, say it to ack. ack will manage it and generate new information thanks to that action, and of course the document will be there when you need it again. For instance for configuration management, ack has all the data, just ask ack to generate it.