Integration with your daily tasks

ack® is structured on scenarios that can be adapted to specific business cases.
ack® can be seamless integrated with your company’s intranet. e.g. integration with LifeRay is offered as an option.

ack® provides blogs and wikis ready to install and connected.
Your existing databases can be easily accessed by ack, just ask we why.

ack® offers some pre-built scenarios, but also ack offers an administration tool to create the scenarios you need.

How to make ack® aware of your information:
  • Directly using the ack® web site.
  • Using the ack® plug-ins for most popular web browsers, that allows to submit information while you are surfing the Web. (web sites addresses and documents).
  • From HD or network using the “Send to – ACK” incorporated feature to  Windows® Operative System.
  • From email client, you can send the body and/ or attachments.
  • Clipping from documents: extract only the parts of interest of the documents as you read it and send them directly to ack®.