General Features

  • Dynamic tool adaptable to different necessities and security settings, depending on layer: global, division, unit, research /market/ technology/ product line.
  • Usage scenarios = business processes configurable via administration tool.
  • Accessible via web or using different plug-ins and accessories.
  • Easy to use, low maintenance effort.
  • Towards corporative intranet, where every tool is accessible.
  • Multilingual.
  • Integration with corporative databases.
  • Integration with collaborative applications such as Wikis, Blogs, Social Network.
  • Smart aggregated multisource information retrieval.
  • Business Intelligence: extraction of implicit information.
  • Integration with web of data.
  • Integration with intranet.
General Characteristics
  • • ACK is offered as a core made up of a series of minimum characteristics that allow to undertake
    • Technology Watch 
    • Advanced Search
    • Who knows what? 
    • Personal profile
  • ACK is structured on scenarios that can be adapted to the knowledge management needs of each enterprise. 
    A catalogue of scenarios is available.
  • Can be integrated in a company’s intranet.
  • Access to this tool is by means of a Web navigator. 
  • No previous installation in the client’s computers is required.
  • There is no annual software license fee for the use of this tool.
  • The ACK license* has three implantation possibilities:
    • MSE, SOHO or Department, up to 20 users 
    • SME or Department, up to 250 users 
    • Large Enterprise ( from 250 users upwards) 
      *This license only applies to the core.
  • In order to adapt it to your specific business needs, to integrate it with sources of business data, Web 2.0 applications and/or custom built scenarios: please contact us.
  • Maintenance contracts are available which update the new versions that include new core   functions, error correction and discounts when   upgrading licenses.
Software characteristics
  • Compatible with Windows XP® o Linux operating system servers.
  • Relational database: MySQL, Oracle, etc.
  • Installed as a Web application server.
  • Web application accessible via MsExplorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.
Hardware Characteristics
  • The following are the minimum characteristics for the server:
    • Processor: Dual Core Intel® Pentium® E5400
    • Memory: 4GB , DDR2, 800MHz (4x1GB Dual Ranked DIMMs)
    • Hard Disk:160GB, SATA, 3.5-inch, 7.2K RPM Hard Drive (Cabled)
    • PowerConnect 2808 – 8 GbE Port Web-Managed Switch
  • Can be virtualised.